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Apostolic Curriculum:

A comprehensive Apostolic Discipleship Program for Kids.

This 4-module curriculum is designed to teach children between the ages of 8–12 the foundational blocks of the Apostolic faith.

The versatile material can be taught in a classroom setting, in small groups (2–5 students), or one-on-one. In the hands of a gifted teacher, it will adapt to a variety of teaching styles, learning styles, and ages. Please modify the material in any way you feel it will better minister to your students.

This printed material also came with a USB containing everything you need to set up a discipleship training program. The USB includes:

○ A PDF of this Leader’s Guide

○ A PDF of Student Reflections Guide

○ Videos to be used throughout the teaching segments

○ PowerPoints for each lesson

○ A guide to additional resources

○ A Completion Certificate template

A Spiritual Growth Program for Your Home and Church-  Build a strategic partnership between home and church to create a culture of daily discipleship.

Option for Digital Spiritual Growth Tracking: My Growth Toolkit Membership (Monthly)

God’s Word for Life is a discipleship program intended to lead the entire church from toddlers to adults into God’s presence and His Word for lifelong transformation. The adult, youth, and children’s levels, as well as the God’s Word for Families devotional, all start from the same biblical text, but then have different ageappropriate applications. Daily devotionals for every age level equip the church to study Scripture daily. Churches can either teach lessons on the date listed in this Guide and have students and families study devotional content that reinforces the lesson all week, or churches can wait and teach each lesson after the listed date so students come to church having already interacted with the Bible text the previous week.


For videos and helpful guides to using the resources, visit:

3 unique, one-semester Bible curricula designed for cross-curriculum use, targeting grades 7-12.

Name of Organization: Calvary Academy; North Little Rock, Arkansas   Website: Coming Soon!


Brief Description: What A Difference A Line Can Make: Written by Bishop Larry Booker, this course takes students through an in-depth study of holiness, standards, separation, and Apostolic doctrine (recommended for high school, grades 9-12).


Mountain Peaks of Truth: Written by Bishop Joel Holmes, this course is a study into what is perhaps the greatest modern text on "God's financial plan for the church." With rare insight into the Biblical concepts of tithing and giving, this curriculum will instill in young people the basic principles to "open the windows of heaven", both in the spiritual and natural (recommended for upperclassmen, grades 10-12).

Ten Camels: Written by Bishop Joel Holmes, this course takes students on a journey to Biblical times to study the example of Rebekah, the mother of the 12 tribes of Israel. Students will learn the concept that the "camels" (challenges in life) often carry our greatest blessings within their dusty saddlebags. This study will train students in ten areas in which they can develop "an excellent spirit", in order to obtain "the blessings of Abraham" (recommended for junior high or high school students, grades 7-12).

Academic Curriculum Options (Print Versions):

Christian school & homeschool curriculum with textbooks, video lessons, & more

print-based, computer-based, and online homeschooling curriculum formats

non-traditional Bible-based approach to education through the use of PACEs

Apologia is a Christ-centered, award-winning homeschool curriculum provider.

Our mission is to help homeschooling students and families learn, live, and defend the Christian faith through our print and digital curriculum and online classes

BJU Press provides educational materials (PreK-12th Grade) written from a biblical worldview that focus on academic rigor and encourage critical thinking—all supported by appropriate educational technology.

Online 3–12 Christian School

Ignitia Virtual Academy is a fully accredited online 3–12 Christian worldview school open to students in the U.S. and around the world. Students attending Ignitia Virtual Academy have the benefit of accessing a virtual campus from the convenience of their home and at their own pace, time, and schedule, all with the same accreditation offered through public high schools. Ignitia Virtual Academy serves students from the public, private, and homeschool communities. We offer a personalized learning environment designed to help students achieve their educational goals

The purpose of the Pentecostal Publishing House is to advance the cause of spreading the whole gospel to the whole world through the production and dissemination of religious knowledge, useful literature, and spiritual information in the form of books, tracts, periodicals, etc.

We are a nonprofit publishing ministry specializing in Bible studies and curriculum for churches, traditional schools, and home schools.

Our mission is to equip Bible teachers to magnify the majesty of God.

Fully Online Curriculum Options:

Cost: PreK-8 th $19.95/month; 9 th -12 th $30.00 per month

Time4Learning was founded by parents focused on using technology to improve education.
Founded in the fall of 2003, Time4Learning launched its service in the spring of 2004.
Time4Learning is a small family firm which remained in the founder’s living room until the need
for more people required taking a formal office in August 2006. Time4Learning aspires to
provide a high quality useful low-cost service to its members, to be a highly responsible
employer for its staff, and a conscientious member of our community.

We feel that the Time4Learning service provides a unique and valuable contribution to parenting
in an electronic age in several areas. 

Cost: Ages 2-8 First month is free, additional months $7.95/month

Age of Learning makes available the award-winning Early Learning
Academy to as many children, in as many ways, and in as many places as possible. Available for
home, school, library, and community center use, on computers, tablets, and smartphones,
ABCmouse is helping children everywhere build a strong foundation for academic success.

Cosr: PreK – 12th Grade Free
All in One Homeschool
A complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum for your family and mine.

Cost: K-12 th Grade Free

A personalized learning resource for all ages
Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning
dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. We
tackle math, science, computer programming, history, art history, economics, and more. Our
math missions guide learners from kindergarten to calculus using state-of-the-art, adaptive
technology that identifies strengths and learning gaps. We've also partnered with institutions like
NASA, The Museum of Modern Art, The California Academy of Sciences, and MIT to offer
specialized content.

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