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ACTS PreK-12 School Accreditation Program                                    

  • Excellence in Christian education is our goal.

  • Assisting your school (of any size) in the pursuit of academic and spiritual excellence 



1. Go to and read over the initial qualifications to be a member of the International Association of Apostolic Educators (IAAE).  Go through the process of officially becoming a member. 

2. Go to and read over the qualifications to be accredited by the Association of Christian Schools and Teachers.  Decide if accreditation is achievable for your school.  If you have any questions, contact the IAAE via email at

3. Go online to  Pay application fee of $300 for three (3) years. The accreditation portal will be opened up to you.  An IAAE advisor will contact you.  (Click Here to Pay)

4. Complete and submit application and self-study, sign all materials, and begin gathering supporting documents.  (There is not a minimum or maximum time requirement for the accreditation process nor for each step. It depends on the size and needs of each program.)

5. A member of the accrediting committee will contact you. 

6. When all requirements have been satisfied, the committee will vote to approve or disapprove your application. If approved, a certificate will be sent to you suitable for display at your school. 


ASSOCIATE TEACHER - Certified Teacher's Assistant (Click Here To Apply) 

  • High school diploma or GED 

  • Two (2) years pastor-approved training program

  • One (1) year as Paraprofessional Teacher’s Assistant, Monitor, or Classroom Aide

  • Member of IAAE 

  • $150 for three (3) year certification, Twelve (12) credit hours of training required to re-certify

              (Click Here to Pay)

PROFESSIONAL TEACHER      (Click Here To Apply) 

  • Hold an academic degree or be enrolled at a post-secondary institution with minimum fifteen (15) semester units of credit completed 

  • Four (4) hours of completed Bible study courses from a Bible college, ACTS-approved Bible correspondence course, or pastor-approved training program, to include: Doctrines of Bible Salvation, New Birth, Principles of Holiness, Pentecostal Doctrine, and Acts of the Apostles. 

  • Ten (10) credits of professional study on Principles of Education and Teaching 

  • Two (2) years of full-time classroom teaching or assisting in a Christian, Public or Supervised Homeschool Setting.

  • Member of IAAE 

  • $150 for three (3) year certification, Twelve (12) credit hours of training required to re-certify
    (Click Here to Pay)

  • ACTS Certified Teachers' Directory


Developed by the UPCI General Sunday School Division.  Receive a Sunday School Teacher Certification from the General Sunday School Division of the United Pentecostal Church International.

Enjoy training focused on specialized ministry, a panoramic view of the Bible, and Bible Doctrine.

Designed to sharpen your skills as a teacher and deepen your knowledge of the Word.

Once you complete the Sunday School Teacher Certification course you will receive an application for you pastor/mentor to sign. You may mail this to the Sunday School Division of the UPCI to receive your official Sunday School Teacher certification.

The workbook for the course is not included with the purchase of the online course. And can be ordered here for $49.00



Ministry Central provides an online learning environment whereby Apostolics can be positioned, equipped, and empowered to fulfill their God-given call to ministry. Through this innovative website ministry training occurs at home or on the go. This learning experience is strategically prepared to encourage and challenge the aspiring minister, growing minister, and mature minister.

Aspiring ministers will find momentum in this training designed to help them position their life for the call. This inspiring and practical training will give them the confidence to step into His call.

With the understanding that mature leaders are often learners with a sensational appetite for training Ministry Central constructed Continuing Education that satisfies the mature leader. Seasoned leaders will find tailor-made training that aides them in fulfilling the call.

  1. Children Teacher Training 1-8

  2. Youth Teacher Training 1-8

  3. Adult Teacher Training 1-8

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